Friday, October 30, 2009

Review: A Serious Man (2009)

I saw this weeks ago. And I'm getting to writing this at 7 AM after staying up all night why? I dunno.

Those Coen's are quite the masters of modern-day Film Noir. So skilled are they at the art of dark humor, sometimes it's hard to tell whether we, the audience, are viewing a funny film, or a serious film.

"A Serious Man" is, as the title may indicate, very serious. But it's labeled as a comedy. There are comedic elements, most certainly--this is a Coen Brothers' picture after all, and when have they never been tugging at the corners of your mouth? But you feel bad for laughing. Pardon my schaudenfreude. This is a film about a man who has a good life; he has a family, a prominent position at a University... He is a serious man, until suddenly, and without warning, every single fucking thing on earth that could happen to him DOES.

What the Coen's do so brilliantly is keep you wringing your hands, wondering what could possibly happen next? How much worse could it get? By the end, I am literally terrified at what the next bit of bad news will mean.

Much like (almost) every one of their films, they have crafted a remarkably dark and humorous script with dynamic characters. They have photographed a 60s Minneapolis suburbia with pristine nostalgic quality, and they have further proved themselves to be unstoppable. Their finest blend of Noir and Comedy.

Recommended? Most Def

Grade: A