Sunday, April 20, 2008

Reviews: Recent Rundowns (3 films)

I absolutely fail at this blog! Lightning quick rundowns. 

Run, Fat Boy, Run (2008)
--Endearingly generic romantic comedy with my all-time favorite Simon Pegg, who probably boosts the likability of this movie about 80%. The other 20%? The soundtrack. It's surprisingly good. I almost forgot that David Schwimmer directed it until about 2 minutes before the movie ended. Still, I expected it to be bad and I was very pleasantly surprised. 
Grade: B-
The Bank Job (2008)
--A heist movie I honestly expected to be more "fun". Jason Statham has long been a favorite of mine, and we see him here in his natural element. The movie is certainly dramatic and more based on the before and after of the actual "job". Still, it was very smart, well crafted, and well acted by a cast of virtual unknowns (at least, to me, which in the world of british actors, is rare. I usually recognize most people).
Grade: B

The Grand (2008)
--On the surface this "mockumentary"-style film is an attempted remake of "Best in Show", but set in a casino. They even have the two outlandish commentators. However, later throughout the film it truly comes into its own. A dynamic cast led by the often underrated Woody Harrelson (becoming one of my favorite guys to watch), supported by such comic greats as David Cross, Chris Parnell, and Cheryl Hines, and even a fantastic cameo by famed director Werner Herzog as a sadistic german gambler out for blood.
Grade: B+

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