Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Review: Moon (2009)

*I am like a month behind but thank the lord I only have four movies to review. Go me.*
Moon is a really interestingly psychologically and physically plot-driven. Does that make sense? I totally expected this odd mind-bend of a journey about a guy who is stationed at the Moon for 3 years and starts losing his mind a lá The Shining. But it's more 2001: A Space Odyssey than the former. Still there is a (nicely done) heavy influence of Kubrick, complete with serene A.I. companion (sadly not named HAL). Great work for first-timer Duncan Jones, and I tells ya, this was really hurting for some "Space Oddity" or "Star Man." Would that have been just too obvious?

I will say: It would've done great with a Brian Eno score. I defy anyone who says differently!

Recommended? Well it's probably too late to see it anywhere now, but definitely.

Grade: B+

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