Thursday, October 23, 2008

Review: Rachel Getting Married (2008)

I expected this movie to be predictable; dysfunctional family has drama because of the black sheep (Anne Hathaway), who keeps getting up to all these crazy shenanigans.

I was sort of right. But I was also very pleased with the overall effect of the film. It has the look of a documentary. All hand held camera work and fuzzy picture, like it was filmed with a DV camera. The dialogue all flows well, and there is a fantastic buzz of music constantly heard underneath everything. Anne Hathaway's character Kym is effortless, and it's easy for the viewer to like her, despite her many flaws. Even though she has this laundry list of defects, she's getting better and redeeming herself to her family.

The film falters in a few areas, where it is just the family talking, or at the rehearsal dinner for the wedding, and it takes way too long, and one eventually loses interest in what's going on. The movie is candid in a good way, yes, but then there are those times where it maybe.. gets too candid.

Whatever, this movie is emotional and profound, and is beautifully performed by all those in it.

Grade: A

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