Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Review: Duplicity (2009)

Oh, this is one of those blasted movies where you have to pay attention to every single bit of dialogue, but then, maybe not, because they reveal all the tricks and plot holes in the last 10 minutes. The film follows two very skilled ex-government agents (Julia Roberts and Clive Owen), who meet, hook up, then decide to start a grand heist that takes an ultimate two years to achieve. We see them all over the world. Rome, London, Dubai, Miami, and New York. They work a few odd jobs until they find the ultimate prize. I think the film is very clever. It jumps around a lot, but it's not too hard to follow. However, the way the trailer made this look, I thought it was going to be more fun (think the Ocean's movies), but it wasn't terribly entertaining.

Like Michael Clayton (Tony Gilroy's previous outing), in my opinion, this was well made, well told, but a tad forgettable.

Recommended? Maybe...

Grade: B

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