Monday, September 28, 2009

Review: Bright Star (2009)

O, woe is me..
The period romance always feels the same to me. It's... Sweeping, it's weepy, and it's indulgent. Bright Star is no different. It is largely dramatized from the true story of John Keats, the poet, and his lady love, Fanny Braun, the fashion designer. They dance around some sort of love affair for like 10 years then become estranged, then become engaged, then she's really depressed, and he's sick or something, and she's really happy and wistful, then she's really angry. She's incredibly weak-willed. Like I said, it's a weepy film.

But it is beautifully shot. It takes place in the sprawling green landscapes of the English countryside. It's definitely pleasing to the eye. And it's pleasing to my lady parts. But otherwise, the film was boring.

I feel like they'll make a movie out of anything these days. (Stay tuned for the "Young Victoria" trailer)

Recommended? If you like period romance dramas, you'll definitely love this movie.

Grade: B-

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