Sunday, January 25, 2009

Got Milk?

I watched the SAG awards tonight because I just HAPPENED to be sitting in front of the TV whilst it was on TNT. So, I watched the whole 2 hour spectacle... And just a few thoughts:

-Kate Winslet, I love you, but if you're going to suck so bad at giving speeches, I hope you never win another award again. All the best actors are snubbed away!

-Not movies, but Tina Fey's acceptance speech was great. And Hugh Laurie winning for house? I didn't know anybody besides myself watched that show. But, Hugh Laurie is awesome.

-This "Trailblazers" montage=worst montage ever?

-Heath wins again, Gary Oldman accepts award on his behalf. Best decision ever! I needed a Gary Oldman fix. And he was nice and emotional. God bless the G.O.

-I decided clipping my toenails would be better than the 20 minutes segment for James Earl Jones winning the Lifetime Achievement Award

-Meryl Streep's acceptance speech=the reason I love Meryl Streep. Thank god Kate Winslet didn't win again.

-Sean Penn wins best actor. I still can't decide who I loved more--him or Mickey Rourke. I think it might be him. But it's tough. Anyway, his speech was ridiculous. What the hell was he talking about.

-Best "ensemble" goes to Slumdog. Bullshit. I realize that they won best picture at the GG's and they will win the Oscar, but they were NOT the best ensemble. If there was any award for Milk to be had, it would be this one. That ensemble? Fogeddaboutit.

This award show was better than the Golden Globes in that it delivered less disappointing results and better speeches. And it was an hour shorter. Though, there was a distinct lack of Darren Aronofsky's mustache in my night.

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