Monday, January 12, 2009

Thoughts on the Golden Globes

Hm, I love Kate Winslet. She's a spectacularly talented actress. BUT... I didn't like her in Revolutionary Road. I feel like her win for that spoiled her win for The Reader, which she was actually great in.

Slumdog MIllionaire was the Globes darling (I shouldn't be surprised)... I really did like that movie, but I also really loved Milk, and that wasn't nominated for hardly anything, so, come Oscar time, I'm going to have a tough time with predictions. I'm thinking I should put my money down on Slumdog.

I was all about the awards for The Wrestler (Best Song, Best Actor in a Drama). Very well deserved. And for some reason seeing Darren Aronofsky with that mustache made me have a huge crush on him.

And there's Heath Ledger--but who thought he wasn't going to win, right?


Corinth said...
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Addie said...

I accidentally wrote that last comment, but I deleted it because I was logged in as Ms. Matera.

So what I said was: I agree with every reaction you had to the Golden Compass/Globes. ESPECIALLY about Kate Winslet.