Monday, February 23, 2009

2009 Oscar Winners

Slumdog Millionaire (2008): Christian Colson
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008): Ceán Chaffin, Kathleen Kennedy, Frank Marshall
Frost/Nixon (2008): Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, Eric Fellner
Milk (2008/I): Bruce Cohen, Dan Jinks
The Reader (2008): Anthony Minghella, Sydney Pollack, Donna Gigliotti, Redmond Morris

A few thoughts:
-Yay, Sean Penn
-Yay best original screenplay, Dustin Lance Black
-Boo Jai Ho
-Yay Man on Wire

The Ceremony:
I watched it with my sister, and before it started we were really thrilled with the prospect of Javier Bardem presenting the Best Supporting Actress oscar to Penelope Cruz (they ARE still dating, right??) but then STUPID thing with the winners past probably added a good half hour to the show. I hope they never do it again.

Too many musical numbers. I know, Hugh Jackman is a hollywood actor who has been in broadway musicals and he hosted the Tony's that one year. But really, it's embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for the Oscars.

The Judd Apatow directed/Seth Rogen written Pineapple Express parody was the most inspired moment of the night.

I liked the set. And the theme was interesting. Other than that, I didn't care much else what happened. It was a night of very minimal surprises... Except the only category anybody cared about: Best Actor.

See the full list of winners HERE.

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CYNTHIA said...

I really liked the show, except for a few things. I liked the past winners thing a lot, except it went on a little long.