Friday, February 13, 2009

Review: He's Just Not That Into You (2009)

This is a serious movie, so it shall be reviewed in a serious manner.

I really have had no interest in seeing this movie all the up until probably this morning. But, I heard some really decent things about it, and figured I may as well give it a try. So, I did. And I actually really liked it.

It's not purely a romantic comedy. It's got some uncomfortable drama as well. Not so much "omg he hasn't called me" as it is "omg my husband cheated on me." We're seeing a lot of different stages of relationships, and how they intertwine. As you can guess from that poster, this is a large cast of well-known actors. Actually one of the things that made me so unwilling to see it at first. It looks like someone's dream cast that they photoshopped together into a movie. But anyway. Yes, there are so many different types of people here. And, I feel, many people can relate to them. I think the characters interact with each other in very real ways. If maybe a bit exaggerated.. For dramatic effect, of course.

I'm usually not too interested in Jennifer Aniston, but her performance was sweet and sincere. A lot of women long to be married, and she's been with her guy (Ben Affleck) for 7 years, and still no ring. Yet, she plays it cool and never does the big freak out. When she finally comes out and says what's really in her heart, it's sad and honest. I could actually feel sympathy for (most of) these characters. I think there was an indecent amount of Drew Barrymore (read: not very much), and an unfortunate amount of Scarlett Johansson (read: too much). Her character was unstable and consisted mostly of making uncomfortable advances on a married man (Bradley Cooper, married to Jennifer Connelly). Whenever she got shafted by him, she went to her dopey and desperate backup (Kevin Connolly), who in the very beginning of the movie, we see on a date with Gigi (Played by Ginnifer Goodwin), who is so desperately into reading signs and overanalyzing everything. That is, until Alex (Justin Long), plays it straight with her and tells her what the guy REALLY means when he says what he says. Whew... Did I get everyone?

I do feel like this movie is maybe too sympathetic towards women. They are always winning in this. Is that just some overly compensated way of showing that not all women are dramatic and whiny and clingy? Well, I don't buy it. Listen, I wouldn't like the movie any less if a girl didn't get her way. Thumbs down on that.

I enjoyed this movie. It had heart and soul, it had some laughs, but also some stressful moments. Definitely worth my time. Yay!

Recommended? If you are a girl, yes. Yes indeed.

Grade: A-

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