Monday, February 23, 2009

Rant: Awards Season

When Kate Winslet accepted her award for Best Actress on February 22, she didn't look thrilled or particularly surprised. (Her speech was still on the cringe-worthy side). When she won the Golden Globe for her role in The Reader, she DID seem taken aback and genuinely shocked. Before that time, she had a very long losing streak. So, she broke it, but at the Golden Globes. And, as everybody knows, no one ever mentions Golden Globe nominations not won when talking about an actor or actress. Kate Winslet won the SAG, The Golden Globe, The BAFTA, Several critics awards, and now an Oscar.

But by the time we get to the climax of Awards season, I'm pretty sure everyone is burned out on getting dressed up, going to sit in an uncomfortable theater for 3 hours and watch montages and listen to actors and actresses deliver painfully awkward speeches. And Kate Winslet didn't seem to revel in her glory of finally winning an oscar after going 0-5. In fact, she seemed to accept it pretty easily, and for someone who's wanted her to win for a long long time, it wasn't that exciting.

At the Golden Globes, nobody had an idea about who might walk away with the Best Drama award, as it was still pretty up in the air at that time. When Slumdog did, and then it won a slew of others, there was absolutely no surprise or excitement on Oscar Night. People only want oscars and stupid award season is ruining it.

So why the ceremonies? Why the Golden Globes? Let Television have the Emmys. Film can have the Oscars and the Spirit Awards, and the rest can go away and celebrities can get their awards mailed to them.

But, if they're going to keep doing all these award shows, I might as well watch them.

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