Friday, February 13, 2009

Review: Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009)

What, you didn't expect me to put all my eggs in one basket with He's Just Not That Into You, did you? That's right, I saw TWO chick flicks today for the price of one. The awesome thing about being a girl is that no matter how refined your taste in movies is, you can still feel no guilt by being completely enamored by a chick. fa-lick.

SO! Omg, this movie made my day. This movie makes me feel the way Rebecca Bloomwood (Isla Fischer) much feel when she shops. I love this movie because it definitely DOES NOT take itself seriously at all. It's ridiculous but also so FLUFFY and CUTE and ENERGETIC. And everytime Hugh Dancy is on screen I want to die. Men don't get cuter than him. OMG! And he and Isla Fischer have the BEST chemistry of ANY on-screen couple of the last 100 years, for sure.

It's also PG, which is awesome, because younger girls can like it too, and probably grow up more superficial because of movies like it. But, I'm 20, so I'm smarter than that! So, good for me! I've heard things like "Feel good movie" in regards to this film, and it's totally true. I felt so good coming out of it, all bouncy and smiley. It made me feel like Hugh Dancy could fall in love with me, too!! I mean, he probably could, because he's totally dating Claire Danes right now, and people have always said I look like her. But chances are, I'm more interesting than her, so I have an even better chance of sweeping him off his feet. Claire Danes sucks.

But anyway, this has been, like, the best day ever. I'm totally never going to love a movie better than this. Totally.

Recommended? YEAH! You'll SO fall in love!!

Grade: A!!

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