Friday, August 15, 2008

Random Notes: Harry Potter pushed to 2009

From Aint It Cool News..

Wellity wellity wellity.

I read an article in Empire the other day where David Yates, the director, talks about what changes they've made in the script. Basically I was appalled. They talk about The Half Blood Prince as if it's a throwaway novel, and people just really want to get down and dirty to all the action of The Deathly Hallows.

First, I love HBP. It's my very favorite of the Harry Potter series. To butcher the entire focus of the story would be an abomination. To actually say that skipping over the boring backstory of Lord Voldemort is unacceptable.

I'm hoping that this change of date actually means that the test screenings went very very badly. And "suffering the repercussions" of the writers' strike actually means "we fucked up bad on this one."

I'm disappointed in the news, but all this means is that the movie *better* kick some serious ass next Summer. Am I right?

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Katrin said...

I think it'll just make it yes. you are totally right.