Saturday, August 23, 2008

Review: Tropic Thunder (2008)

In hindsight, I would've reviewed this as soon as I saw it, more than a week ago.

Let's see what I remember. I wasn't looking forward to this like I was, say, Pineapple Express. That's usually a good thing, because *generally*, you are pleasantly surprised. With Pineapple, I was a tad disappointed. With Thunder, I was mightily impressed.

I think the story was good, but the cast is the biggest part. Seriously. You have a fantastic, fantastic cameo from Matthew McCounaghey, great supporting acting from the likes of Steve Coogan, Nick Nolte, Bill Hader, and Jay Baruchel. Then you have your main actors; Ben Stiller (doing Ben Stiller), Jack Black (doing Jack Black) and Robert Downey Jr., who goes above and beyond as an over-the-top method actor (I don't need to explain this, do I?) You sometimes forget it's really him under that makeup. They all basically act as themselves, which is exactly the key. They are all brilliant actors.

I won't say much about Tom Cruise. He was, just, well, eh. He really seemed to be trying too hard.

Worth while summer movie? Hands down. If for nothing else, see it for Robert Downey Jr. (Who, incidentally, also has the best of the fake trailers. Make sure you catch Satan's Alley!)

Grade: A-

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