Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Review: Pineapple Express (2008)

The golden rule in writing: Write about what you know. I have a feeling that Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg had some trouble with this movie, in comparison to their fantastic teen comedy Superbad. This plot is overly-complicated. Clearly, the two writers don't come from action backgrounds. They come from comedy backgrounds, and more specifically, improv comedy backgrounds.

Action movies don't always have room for improv. It's choreographed and rehearsed. Also, the tricky storyline involving witnessing a murder, being connected to the asian mob, being chased by a corrupt cop... Whatever. I'm still confused.

Pineapple Express is, in many ways, good. Seth Rogen is, as always, solid. Yet, he's playing exactly the same guy he played in Knocked Up, but with a job. His writing is once again superb, and I'd be content with a bunch of guys sitting around talking, making jokes. They're witty guys, and their timing is impeccable. Then, somewhere along the line, there's a subplot involving an 18 year old girlfriend and her parents, and whatever happens there we don't know. Eventually the whole story falls apart.

But I have a hard time criticizing these boys too harshly. I had some good laughs over this script, especially in the beginning with an excellent, excellent cameo by Bill Hader as a military soldier trying Marijuana for the government, and demonstrating the effects. If you check it out for anything, make it that first scene.

Grade: B

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