Sunday, August 24, 2008

Review: Vicky Christina Barcelona (2008)

Funny. Sexy. Smart. Just a few of the things I look for in a man. Also, all the elements that make up the latest from the legendary Woody Allen. So fresh in a new Spanish setting. Lots of culture, attractive people, a tremendous soundtrack, and wine. Lots of wine.

This is the first thing I've ever liked Scarlett Johanssen in. Bravo.

Grade: A

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Anonymous said...

I do respect your opinion, but let me say some things about this "divertissement" of woody's. The story is quite good: 2 Usa girls come to Barcelona, one of them is interested in catalan culture, the other one searching herself. Well, except for the Barcelona tour guide tone of the first 15 minutes, I didn't see/heard a thing about Catalunya. Just postcards from Barcelona. This sucks badly mate. Then the story unfolds with this sexy artist who takes the girls to Oviedo. You know where's Oviedo in Spain? Cuold have been any fantastic place in this country, but a movie with an oviedan tourism center money works greatly...Right. The characters are all sooo stereotyped for Usa people that no one here in Barcelona understands what kind of idea Allen has of Spain and spanish people. Or Better, does he even know what's Catalunya? Shouldn't they speak in catalan in Barcelona? It seems we are all drinking tons of red wine and trying to step in every american girl that comes here to enjoy Gaudì's oeuvre. Oh Gosh..
But, in the end, the film passes cheerfully. We had a laugh last night, and celebrated with some cheap red wine the city where we dream to live.