Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Review: Step Brothers (2008)

This movie is vulgar. I know what you're thinking; "Well, it IS a Will Ferrell movie". No. This is much worse. These speakers go to eleven.

But... I still sat through it, and begrudgingly laughed uncontrollably at some parts. Everyone has their immature side, I guess, and Will Ferrell brings out my best.

But why, Will Ferrell, why? You've done serious stuff. You CAN be taken seriously. So why do you take your balls out of your pants and rub them on a drum kit? And why do we need to see it?

When does someone wake up in the morning and think "I need to see a guy rubbing his balls on a drum kit today". I hope never.

STILL... This movie made me laugh. A lot. I have no doubt in my mind that Will Ferrell and John C. Reily are talented. The evidence is there. But their talent is not being utilized to its full extent.

Please, someone help these gentlemen.

Grade: C

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