Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Marathon-Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Extended Cut)

Why today? It's significant because it's 5 years exactly since Return of the King opened in theaters. And I was there. It's special to me.
Rules? Watch all the way through to the end of the credits.

8:00 AM: Second attempt at waking up with 7:00 AM wake-up call didn't go as planned. I tried. I really tried.
8:14 AM: Waiting for oven to heat up to make cinnamon rolls.
8:20 AM: I put FOTR into the dvd player and wait for the cinnamon rolls to bake. It's almost time.
8:35 AM: Breakfast is ready, time to start. Keeping the volume at 5 for now. When roommate wakes up, as will the volume.

8:36 AM: FOTR has officially begun
0:03: Heh. Hugo Weaving is so cool
0:10: "The Fellowship of the Ring"
0:59: Viggo Mortensen. Huzzah.
1:45: The fellowship is formed, the first disc is done. It takes 40 seconds to start the second, and not a moment too soon; I was starting to get sleepy.
2:10: The Tomb of Balin. I'm sick of this scene already because I spent 3 days there in the Two Towers game for PS2
2:28: Legolas' first pained expression makes an appearance
2:47: Legolas' Lembas Commercial. "One small bite is enough to fill the stomach of a grown man!"
3:12: Legolas' second pained expression; Boromir is slain. The fellowship has disbanded.
3:18: "Let's hunt some Orc." Hellll yeah!
3:20: Frodo and Sam start their trek into uncertainty; credits commence.
3:26: "Special Thanks to the Official Lord of the Rings fan club. It's already been a minute of a lot of names.. We're only on the B's. It could take a while longer.
3:46: The Credits have ended! The Fellowship of the Ring is over. 2 more installments to go.

12:26 PM: The Two Towers is in, and it beigins....Now.
0:02: "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" Again!
0:04: "The Two Towers"
0:16: Pippin drops the leaf from his cloak.
0:18: Aragorn finds leaf from Pippin's cloak
0:23: Enter Eomer!
0:31: "A red sun rises.... Blood has been spilled this night." Legolas is useless
0:36: Uruk-Hai on a stick
0:51: "This forest is old.... Very old.... Full of memory.........and anger."
0:53: Gandalf returns, Legolas indulges us with another pained expression.
0:58: Time to break for lunch. Hopefully shouldn't take longer than 20 minutes.
1:40 PM: Back! Movie resumes
1:13: Glorious Edoras
1:25: That pretty, pretty funeral scene
1:45: Enter Faramir!!
1:46: End of 3rd disc
2:01: Aragorn tumbles off the cliff; Another pained expression from Legolas ensues
2:12: This is the last time we have to see Arwen until the third movie, thank GOD.
2:33: Aragorn makes his grand re-appearance in Helm's Deep. YES.
2:40: Aragorn and Legolas have their first fight. Pained expressions all around.
2:43: Aragorn makes love to his armor. He likes it rough. Legolas apologizes. Smiles all around.
2:47: Soldiers are on the wall, tensions rise, the armies of Isengard approach, rain is falling, and Gimli, as always, provides some much needed comic relief.
2:52: The Wilhelm Scream makes its obligatory appearance
2:58: Legolas snowboards down some stairs. Badass, aye he be.
3:01: Theoden gets his hands dirty for 2 seconds and is already injured. How convenient for the king....
3:04: Oh my god I love this movie
3:09: "Last March of the Ents." I have goosebumps. It's ever such a powerful scene.
3:15: Gandalf returns.. Again. This time with ass-kicking horsemen. Sir Ian has a wicked Battle-Cry.
3:20: Frodo pulls Sting on Sam. We always knew it would happen. What with his mollycoddling. "Don't you know your Sam?" Oh, shut up, Sam. Now he's going to tell a story, wise beyond his years, set to montage.
3:33: Smeagol is losing his mind. Slowly. To himself. The sad and creepy music starts, one fleeting look at the impending doom, and... Credits. They will be Long, long long.
4:32 PM: The sun is setting, and nope, these credits are still not over.
3:54: Credits are done. OVER!

4:42 PM: Here it is, the final chapter... The end of all things, or whatever they say. Let it begin... I love this soundtrack
0:09: "The Return of the King"
0:10:Nothing could interest me less in this movie than Frodo and Sam's perilous journey to Mordor. Gimme the rest of the fellowship.
1:05: The Beacon lighting scene... I think it goes highly understated. It's powerful stuff. Anything that brings it back to Aragorn...
1:12: The Wilhelm scream makes its second appearance!
1:16: I maintain that I'm a lesser fan of this cut, but it does offer more scenes with Faramir, which apparently were unimportant for theaters. Which is probably true, given what little is them. However, I love the character Faramir, and David Wenham is perfect. So... 1 point for the Extended Edition.
1:44: The sad thing about Eowyn, despite how awesome she is, is that everybody always feels sorry for her. Aragorn shoots her down but says "I wished you joy from the moment I first saw you". That really means "I pitied you from the moment I first saw you." It's the same in the book, too. I suppose it doesn't help that she's always kinda whining about how smothered she is by her womanhood.
2:01: 5th disc is ended in the middle of the Battle of Pelennor Fields...
2:02: 6th and final disc has started. I've hit the final stretch.
2:05: It's so amazing that that Lembas bread fell all in the same place and perfectly in its wrappings
2:16: It's amazing how a giant spider can be so stealthy
2:28: "The Ride of the Rohirrim". I've never been so moved by this scene. I've got sweaty palms, goosebumps all over, and my jaw hanging open. Ah, Rohan. How fine and noble. Fuck, Eomer is cool.
2:42: Aragorn shows up with his posse aka ghost army. Holy crap. Aragorn is hot, yeah?
2:45: Wilhelm Scream #3
2:47: Theoden: Dead. He was good and valiant, but he had a baditude.
2:50: Ah, the house of healing. These few chapters in the book are my very favorite. I'm glad that they make an appearance in the movie.. I would've liked a bit more from it, though. I suppose I should be happy just to get what's there.
2:58: Sam and Frodo enter Mordor. Yay. I already want to watch this whole trilogy again.
3:00: "A Diversion". Yes! YES!
3:12: The Mouth of Sauron. A very cool creative addition. Creepy.
3:13: Legolas' 5th? Pained expression. He thinks Frodo is dead. Sad day.
3:25: Frodo is struggling... He doesn't know if she should part with the precious. At first he doesn't. He puts it on and has this weird look on his face, like he's just messing with Sam. Then he puts it on. Also, his lips look chapped.
3:27: Legolas' 6th. Aragorn is in great peril, and he cannot get to him.
3:28: Oh my god. Are you watching this? The Ring is finally destroyed!
3:34: Ending number one. The ring is destroyed, Frodo and Sam are napping on a rock. Gandalf uses his eagle friends to take them to a hotel.
3:36: I love this part where Frodo is in bed and being bombarded one by one by everybody, and he says their name, like it's a sitcom or something. But he doesn't say Legolas' name. Hmmm..
3:37: Second ending. Now the coronation scene. Behold its glorious splendor.
3:38: Aragorn is now king. I prefer him dirty, though. You know, all ragged and hair matted to his face, which is sweaty and grimy... His clothes torn. None of this clean as a whistle crap.
3:39: Here's Legolas, looking like an absolute princess. No more pained expressions from him.
3:40: And there's Arwen. Hot reunion. Even though she looks frumpy. And Elrond is crying tears of joy. Weird considering the entire trilogy he was so down on it all.
3:41: "My Friends. You bow to no one." Powerful stuff from a king. And oh, what a king. And that's the last we see of them. And it makes me sad. I wouldn't want to leave the fellowship. Would you?
3:43: Ah, back in the shire. It seems like ages ago I was watching them in the shire... Before the big journey. Well, it WAS 12 hours ago.
3:44: Sam gets married. Frodo will never be content again. Ouch. "How do you pick up the threads of an old life? How do you go on, when in your heart you begin to understand, there is no going back". Gosh that's just depressing. Poor Frodo. He was once so care-free...
3:48: Here we are.. It's almost over. Everybody's splitting up. I don't like it. Why can't things just stay the way they are?
3:55: "Well, I'm back," he said.
3:56: Credits
4:02: I can't believe I just sang along to that whole Annie Lennox song. I don't even like it.
4:18: The End
9:10 PM

I'm on such a LOTR buzz right now. I have to watch some DVD extras or something. I'm going to do this every year.