Sunday, December 28, 2008

Review: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Hm. Most movies I see, I can still enjoy them while still thinking about what I'm going to write here. I tried to think about that for this film, but I couldn't. I still don't know what I'm going to write. So, this will be plain, I think.

I will start out by saying that this film is gorgeous. It's so, so pretty.

This movie is long. It's about 2:40. But, I daresay it is quite necessary for it to be this way. It's not unbearable, but it really does feel like a lifetime. That's... Good, right?

The film raises lots of questions, kind of heavy ones. Like, how do you handle the fact that you outlive everybody you know, before you've even had a chance to really live? Born as an old man, Benjamin Button spends most of his time with the elderly, and they all die when he is still very young. However later in his life he's able to have life experiences in a young man's body with the knowledge and wisdom and experience of an old man. Heavy stuff. Kinda depressing. It's a film that redefines the phrase "growing old together.

Wow. Brad Pitt. Man. What a handsome devil. Even when he's old. Good news for him, right? He was, of course, terrific. He showed great maturity in his expressions. His character is faced with the challenge of growing up very quickly, and it's so so perfect, what he does. Cate Blanchett's character Daisy (and Benjamin's great love), is a bit of the opposite. She's selfish and naive, young and carefree. But always she's played with effortless grace. However, I didn't like her character, which made some of the film kind of annoying.

The biggest accomplishment probably has to be when Benjamin is a young boy in an old man's body. He has great curiosity in his expressions, and innocent looks of hurt and confusion. It's heartbreaking to see such unsheltered emotions on an old man's face. I don't know how much is computer and how much is actor. You kind of always feel really sorry for Benjamin throughout this whole film. It's like, jesus christ. Can he get a break? The answer: No. He cannot.

This film is a whole lot of pretty and a bit of substance. But the slow southern drawl of Brad Pitt's narration is a tad cringe-worthy, and reminiscent of Forrest Gump (which I hated). There's so much bittersweetness that I grimace a bit.

In short: This movie is not as amazing as it should be.

Grade: B-


Anonymous said...

One of the greatest movie of all times. It pins you to your seat. I went second time to watch the movie and also bigger reason was to watch the movie's effection on audience and experience their instant respond minute by minute. It is a life-time experience. I strongly suggest to everyone to see this beautiful movie in a big screen.

CYNTHIA said...

I think you exactly nailed it Carrie. I can't stop thinking about it. Such an elegant, heartbreaking movie.