Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Review: Doubt (2008)

Doubt is a story of moral ambiguity, incorporating aspects of christianity and philosophy... It makes you think. I like that.

Doubt is a quiet film. It's set simply in the 60's, in a Catholic church/school. We see the workings of the school, how they are trying to reform their image slowly but surely, and one who firmly holds onto tradition and 'decency'. Meryl Streep, in another great role. Some may think she's "trying too hard", but I say, on the contrary, it's an effortless performance. Philip Seymour Hoffman plays her nemesis, the priest who has (maybe??) committed wrong doings, of the altar boy persuasion.

Amy Adams, who, while not cast in the typical flighty role (which she DOES do extraordinarily well), is still marked as the quiet, young, and naïve nun, who is smack dab in the middle of the clash of Streep's heavy-hitting Sister Aloysius and Hoffman's Father Flynn. Even though Adams is playing a serious role, though, she still sounds about 12 years old. But, that works; she has a simple heart, and trusts in what she believes--contradictory to the theme of the entire movie (you guessed it, "doubt").

This, aside from a few excellent dutch angles, which I couldn't get enough of, is ordinary enough, but it's truly an actor's movie. I think those who are in it, bring it.

Grade: B