Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Review: Yes Man (2008)

Yeah, I saw Yes Man. On purpose. Jim Carrey makes Jim Carrey movies, just as Will Ferrell makes Will Ferrell movies.. So, I really got nothing more I expected out of this one. That doesn't mean it wasn't entertaining. It's one of those movies where you know you shouldn't want to, but you kinda do.

The premise is simple, he is a negative nancy (named Carl) who is changed by a convention into saying "yes" to every opportunity. So, he does, and lo, how his life changes. He gets a promotion, becomes fluent in many new skills, and falls in love with a quirky, free spirited girl that is totally the opposite of him (everybody's favorite Zooey Deschanel).

The best part, though, is his geeky boss, Norman (who he calls Norm once, and then in turn becomes "Car" for the rest of the movie. Brilliant) played by Rhys Darby (of Flight of the Conchord fame). What worries me is that he is essentially playing the same character, except maybe a bit more polished, and slightly cleverer. Actors got to make their way somehow, though, and he is a fantastically funny actor. My favorite scene: Norman hosts a "dress like your favorite Harry Potter character" party. Oh my god, I want to go to one! I can't really describe WHY it's so funny, but it is. I would see that whole movie again just for Rhys Darby. Or I suppose I could watch Flight of the Conchords, which is actually excellent.

I don't even know why this film needs a review. You already know how you're going to like it before you step foot into the theater.

Grade: C

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