Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Review: The Fall (2008)

This title is listed as 2006 on its IMDB page, but it was officially released in the states in 2008. And it's still 2008! Yay.

I pity anyone who jumped on the Across the Universe wagon last year, citing it as "breathtaking", "bold", or my favorite; "visually stunning". It was none of those things. The Fall is ALL of those things and more.

It's luscious and vibrant. The colors aren't overly-saturated, but just enough so that you can't look away. Not to mention a gorgeous black and white opening credits sequence. It may be the most aesthetically pleasing film I've ever seen.

The story is there, too. A young man (Lee Pace) and a young girl (Catinca Untaru) bond over a fantastical other-worldly adventure. It reminds me somewhat of Alfonso CuarĂ³n's A Little Princess, one of my favorite films when I was young. You're mesmerized until you're just staring blankly at the screen. Eventually the story turns very dark, and I suppose it was all along, and we see our main characters in a most vulnerable light; completely exposed.

Lee Pace is beautiful and amazing and one day I will marry him. For now, though, I will watch him go unrecognized in the now cancelled Pushing Daisies. Catinca Untaru is incredible for being so young. She's silly, endearing, honest, sympathetic, and genuine. Her emotions are very sincere. You love her from the moment you see her. Who couldn't?

Grade: A


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